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About us

Nowadays, the first priority for most families is providing their staples.

On the other hand, in addition to some considerable difficulties in this scope, the families are facing a big problem of making the right choice among the various brands of produces being supplied to the market.

So for the sake of helping consumers with making the right and careful choices among these goods, and also improving the quality of produces in this scope, in 2014, with the help of Mr. Zakeri, a few members of the present directors of the company, taking the actual advantage of many years of experience in the field of food products and the business of honeybee produces, and using the existing potentialities in Ardabil, Isfahan, etc., decided to setup the Roodin food industries.

History of activities

The Roodin food industries opened on February 2014. And since then, relying on its innovation and the establishment of commercial and appropriate company structures, it has increasingly progressed.

So that since the second year, the company, as a reliable brand in this scope, has had contracts to provide a part of raw materials for major dairy industries in Iran, restaurant chains and coffee shops all around the country.

For its considering and analyzing the consumers’ expectations and requirements, and focusing on the target market of its produces, in 2015, the company was also granted the permission of packaging to the capacity of 125 tons a year to find its way into this branch of market through the channel of distribution.

Since 2016, expanding the export policy became the directors’ main decision to make, so that synchronized with maintaining and increasing the inner capability, basic structures were also to be created to help the company reach its wide outlooks.

Today, the Roodin food industries have kept their pledge guaranteeing not only the reliability of the brand but also the safety, quality and nutritional value of the produces.

Aims and views

  1. To progress in changing into a top nutritional brand in the world.
  2. To obtain a great quantity, enhance the quality and variety of the produces.
  3. To warrant a steady delivery and regular production, using the best technological ways in the world.
  4. The process of creating healthy eating habits and nutritional ones, like the consumption of Iranian original honey among its people.