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Buying Jam At Wholesale Bulk For Export

Buying jam at wholesale bulk for export worldwide. Jams, jellies and marmalades are increasing in importance in many countries, particularly in wealthy urban areas. The suitability for small-scale production offer entrepreneurs a promising business. When made properly, jams and marmalades are safe products due to the high acid and sugar content.

A successful business depends on a good market for the product. Too often, small-scale processors decide to make jam because there is an abundant supply of raw material, with no evaluation of the demand for the product.

buying jam in bulk

Jam – A solid gel is from the pulp

Jam – A solid gel is  from the pulp of a single fruit or mixed fruits. The fruit content must be at least 40%. In mix fruit jams the first-name fruit must be at least 50% of the total fruit. The total sugar content must be no less than 68%. In tropical climates, 70% sugar is preferable.

Jelly – A crystal clear jam, made from filtered fruit juice rather than fruit pulp.

Marmalade – Usually produced from citrus fruits and has fine shreds of peel suspended in the gel. The fruit content should not be less than 20% and the sugar content is similar to jam.

buying jam in bulk

Fruit should be wash in clean water

Fruit should be wash in clean water, peel and the stones remove. It should be as fresh as possible and slightly under-ripe. Over-ripe and/or bruised fruit will not make good jam as it has low levels of pectin and/or acid.

Pectins are naturally present in fruits. Some fruits contain higer levels than others. The richest sources are citrus peels, passion fruit and apple. Strawberries and melon contain low levels. In general, the pectin level decreases as the fruit matures. Low-pectin fruits are often mixed with high pectin fruits to achieve the correct level. Pectin is needed to make the fruit set into a gel.

buying jam in bulk

It is possible to get a good preserve

It is possible to get a good preserve using the pectin in the fruit, it is better to buy pectin powder or solution and add a known amount to the fruit juice or pulp.  Pectin can be bought, either as a light brown powder or a dark liquid concentrate. It is usually supply as ‘150 grade’ (or 150 SAG) which indicates the ratio of the weight of sugar to pectin that will give a standard strength of gel. When the preserve is boiled to 65% soluble solids. 5 SAG is normally enough to produce a good gel.

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