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Fruit Jam Producing Company

Many companies in different countries are producing fruit jams. Among the Asian countries, most of these companies are active in India and China. The production of all kinds of fruit jams in countries like China and India reflects the high level of cultivation of fruits in these countries.

fruit jam factory

Different Types of Fruit Jam

Fruit jams are used to make different types of jam. The quality of fruit jam depends on the quality of the fruit used to make this jam. For this reason, most jam producing companies are planting and harvesting their fruits to ensure the quality of their jam. In this case, a product that can enter the global market can be produced.

here is some kind of fruit jams that are produced with different kinds of fruits:

Plum Jam

According to the name of any fruit jams, it is easy to identify the fruit used in it. Plum jam, for example, is made using plums. Plum jam color depends on the quality of the plum used to make jam.

plum jam

Peach Jam

Another type of fruit jam that is made using delicious peach is peach jam. In making peach jam, only peaches and sugar and lemon juice are used.


Bramble Jam

The bramble  jam is one of the most beautiful sparkling jam on the market. To prepare the bramble jam, the best kind of brambles should be used to make the jam so our jam would have best color and taste.

brumble jam

Chilli Jam

A special offer for chili flavors lovers is chili jam. Chili jam is one of the best options for that kind of persons to use in the breakfast.

chilli jam

Greengage Jam

Greengage is a sweet flavored fruit that can be used to make delicious jam. The greengage used to make this jam should be thoroughly juicy. The use of juicy fruits makes the jams taste better.


Rhubarb Jam

Another jam that is placed in the fruit jams is rhubarb jam. Rhubarb  jam is very convenient, and anyone can make this jam with some of this fruit and a little sugar.

rhubarb jam

Bacon Jam

Maybe it’s a surprise to many, but there’s also a jam called Bacon jam. Those who love the taste of jam and bacon at the same time will love the taste of Bacon jam.

bacon jam

Fruit Jam Packaging

Different jam factories offer fruit jam in different packages. These packages are in different weights. In some cases, the variety of these packages is such that their number will be more than 40 per factory. Some factories use beautiful packaging to attract the attention of the buyer. Jams are also packed in single packages.

jam packaging

Fruit Jam Processing Machinery

Different machines are used to produce jam. Processing machinery are used to process any fruit jam produced in the factory. You can contact us by e-mail to find out the different types of machinery and their prices.

Processing Machine

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