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Imported Fig Jam Price

Fig is one of the most delicious fruits. However, fig fruit harvest is not possible in all countries. For this reason, these countries are importing fig jam. The price of imported fig jams is very convenient and cost-effective compared to the price of fruit figs.

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Fig Jam from Dried Figs

Fig jam can be made in two types. One of these is the use of dry figs to make jam. Preparation of dried figs in all seasons is possible. Because dried figs can be kept for a long time. So you can make dried figs jam in every time of the year you want.

dried fig


Fig Jam from Fresh Fig

Preparing jam from fresh figs will make our jam more fresh. But to make fresh fig jam you have to wait for the fig tree harvesting season. That is, whenever the fig tree is harvested from the year it is a good time to make jam fresh fig. But in other months of the year, you would not have the opportunity to make fresh fig jams.

fresh fig

Fig Jam from Frozen Figs

One of the ways to make fig fresh jam all year round is to use frozen figs. Frozen figs are partially flavored with fresh figs. Of course, frozen fig is not as delicious as fresh fig. But it’s good for those who want to taste fresh fig jam in every months of the year.

frozen fig


Fig Jam for Canning

Another way of keeping figs is to make fig can. Preparing canning and jam from figs are two methods for long-term preservation. Of course fig jams can be made from dried figs. But to make fig canning, you can use fresh figs only.

canning fig


Imported Fig Jam

There are many countries that import large quantities of figs annually. Fruit figs are usually not harvested in these countries. Countries that import figs, instead of figs, prefer to import figs jam. Because  jams are easier to transfer. For more information on importing figs, contact us via email.


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