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Iranian Carrot Marmalade Suppliers

Iranian buyers are very fond of carrot marmalade flavor. This marmalade has a high consumption in Iran. For this reason, marmalade suppliers have devoted a significant part of their products to carrot marmalade. The quality of some of these marmalade is so high that it has made Iranian carrot marmalade known as a tasty marmalade in the world market.

Carrot marmalade iran

Persian Carrot Marmalade

Different spices are using in the preparation of Persian carrot marmalade. As a result, this marmalade will have a very unique flavor. Cardamom and Rosewood are some of the ingredients used to give an aroma to Iranian carrot marmalade. The use of these spices and flavors has made the carrot marmalade in the world market a popular product. And many people in different countries use Iranian carrot marmalade recipe to make a product that have same flavor.

iranian carrot jam

How to Make Carrot Marmalade

Here’s a simple recipe to make the Iranian carrot marmalade:

  1. Peel and grate 3 big carrots.
  2. Mix 250 g sugar, juice half an orange and 500 ml water, place it on the heat until boil wait for 10 minutes.
  3. Add carrots to it.
  4. After boiling the carrot mixture for 20 minutes, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of rose water to the mixture and stir.
  5. Lower the heat and keep on heat for 5 minutes.

Your marmalade is ready. After cooling at room temperature, you can transfer the marmalade to the jars.

carrot marmalade suppliers

Carrot Pulp Marmalade

In carrot marmalade, carrots can be used in a variety of shapes. Usually, when it comes to using carrots, it is grated. But using carrot split is not common for carrot marmalade. Another form of carrot used to make marmalade is carrot pulp. The use of carrot pulp makes the marmalade less time consuming and Marmalade has a better color.

make carrot marmalade

Carrot Marmalade Iran

Iran is one of the countries that harvests a lot of carrots every year. A large part of this carrot goes to the factories to make carrot marmalade. Buyers who intend to make purchases directly from these carrot marmalade suppliers can contact us by email.

persian carrot marmalade

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