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Jam Ex Factory Suppliers Wholesalers Worldwide

Jam ex factory suppliers wholesalers worldwide are supplying at very good price. The fruit in jams, jellies and preserves is conserve through boiling and the addition of a significant amount of sugar – typically in a 1:1 weight ratio. Boiling reduces the fruit’s water content and destroys potentially damaging micro-organisms. Also  the sugar binds to the water in the fruit, reducing the amount available for the growth of bugs.

So jams are about 65% sugar; in other words, every tablespoon contains about two teaspoons of sugar. In contrast, fresh fruit, such as berries, is about 10% sugar. What’s more, preparation processes that involve high heat can cause nutrient losses, particularly to heat-sensitive vitamins such as vitamin C. As a result of these losses and the added sugar, one tablespoon of berry jam (weighing 15.6g) offers a mere 0.5mg of vitamin C, whereas a large strawberry (12g) has 5.5mg.

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Fruit jams and preserves have provide a useful

Fruit jams and preserves have provide a useful and important source of energy and minor nutrients throughout the year. However, in this era of over-abundant food, much of which is processed and contains too few nutrients and too much sugar. However.the importance of jam in our diets has changed.

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Although jam has some nutrients

Although jam has some nutrients, the amounts are negligible compare with an equivalent weight of fresh or tin fruit. What’s more, the quantity of added sugar makes jam more of a treat or occasional food. Fortunately, there are lower-sugar fruit preserves on the market (they can’t technically be call “jams”) and ways to make homemade jams with less sugar. So enjoy homemade jams and preserves, but if you’re looking for a good source of nutrients, eat whole fruit instead.

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What you eat and drink around training and competition

What you eat and drink around training and competition is known to affect performance, reduce injury risk and support recovery. Many sports nutritionists recommend bread and jam as a good snack food to eat in the hour before exercise or during tournaments. A brown or granary bread sandwich with jam contains sugar, starch and fibre.  Both quick release and slower release ‘energy’ and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

A tablespoon (20g) of jam contains ~15g of carbohydrate, mostly sugar and two slices of wholewheat bread around 25g mixed carbohydrate. Commercially available sports gels contain between 18-51g carbohydrate per serving and sports drinks around 14g per 100ml of fluid (usually 250ml so 35g).

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