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Selling Jam In Bulk At Wholesale Price

Selling jam in bulk at wholesale price is good offer. Jam is the jelled puree which is made with the flesh and juice of both vegetable and fruit. Along with sugar and water it is heated which helps to activate pectin. It is also made with the combination of various fruits such as peaches and plums. As it has no free liquid, it is easy to spread. The fruits such as blueberriesapricots, peaches, cherriesraspberriespineapplestrawberries and rhubarb should be mixed with the high pectin fruits to set or gel. It is also known as conserves.

selling jam in bulk

Cookbook of 1st century Rome has the recipes to make jam.

Cookbook of 1st century Rome has the recipes to make jam. It is use as a diet in Middle East where there is ample amounts of sugar. It reach to West Indies by Spanish where the fruit is produce in abundance and this method is use  to preserve fruits.

One tablespoon of jam contains 6.09 g of moisture, 569 calories, 0.07 g of protein, 0.01 g of total lipid fat, 0.05 g of ash, 13.77 g of carbohydrate, 0.2 g of dietary fiber and 9.7 g of total sugars. It also provides 0.02 mg of copper, 1.8 mg of vitamin C, 0.1 mg of iron and 0.015 mg of vitamin B2.

selling jam in bulk

Health Benefits of Fruit Jam

  • It does not have fat and cholesterol which helps to gain a healthy weight.
  • The pectin helps to lower the chances of cancer and promotes the health of skin, hair, bones and finger nails.
  • Also also lowers the chances of getting stroke, heart attack and cardiovascular ailments.
  • It also lowers the developments of cancers in stomach, mouth and colon rectum. Reduces the chances of spina bifida, neural tube defects and anencephaly in pregnant women.

The thick combination of sugar, pectin and fruit which is boil lightly to make the fruit soft. It is used as a spread or fillings. It is made by whole fruit and sugar to form a gel like texture. About 45% of jam is fruit. While making jam, no artificial flavor and color is added.

selling jam in bulk

Jam is traditionally famous for being delicious

Jam is traditionally famous for being delicious and served on bread or scones. Jams come in many different shapes and forms such as jellies, marmalades, chutneys, fruit butters, fruit spreads, fruit curds, and confits. Despite all the different variations of this delicious fruit confection. However, it is essentially always a type of fruit preserve that contains fruit and sugar. Roodin Honey jam are the best in quality and price.

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